Allendorf 2016 Riesling Sekt Brut

Allendorf 2016 Riesling Sekt Brut

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The Riesling, one of the most remarkable white grape varieties, is grown in the Rhine Valley and has been since Roman times. The Riesling is the main grape in the Rheingau. Grapes are hand-picked to produce the highest quality wine.

Taste: The bright yellow colour is followed by tender aromas of peach and apricots and a hint of apple. On the palate it shows delicate fruit-flavours and a complex character.

Food recommendation: This sparkling wine is a nice appetiser and suitable as an accompaniment to light dishes such as fish, asparagus or shellfish.

Serving temperature: 6°C – 8°C

Alcohol:          13,0% vol.
Acidity:           6,7 g/l
Res. sugar:     13,9 g/l