Celebration Case: Option 2 - Mixed Dry White Wine

Celebration Case: Option 2 - Mixed Dry White Wine

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The WineBarn team were going to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a big bang, but in view of the current situation, we have decided to have a quieter celebration instead. We invite you to raise a glass poured from one our ‘Celebration Cases’ with us at home - delivery is included.

For every case sold, we will donate £10.00 to Age UK.

Together we can help support those in our local community and further afield who are the most vulnerable at this time.

At The WineBarn we are offering some of our award-winning wines in two mixed cases of six bottles, allowing you to explore the broad range that Germany has to offer.

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Option 2: Mixed Dry White
Displaying an elegance and wealth of finesse on the tongue, this Riesling has a rich fruitiness. The wine is characterised by a well-defined structure with an elegant acidity. It exhibits aromas of herbs, spices and fresh fruit.
Elegant and dry, this chardonnay has notes of gooseberry and lime with an aromatic spiciness and acidity on palate.
 A classic bistro-style wine with charm and unobtrusive depth. It has a balanced, juicy structure with a vivid acidity. This dry white wine has aromas of citrus fruits, pears and apples that evolves from the glass.
A refreshing, hearty Riesling with a long finish. On the palate it shows strength and refinement. The marvellous bouquet has gentle hints of green apples and apricots.
This dry Riesling radiates a tremendous power and spice. A tight minerality with salty notes, it is very concentrated yet fine.

This Scheurebe Alte Reben fascinates with its superb range of exotic flavours such as mango, passion fruit, grapefruit and lemon balm. Its full-flavoured aroma and harmonious taste are impressive. It comes in a traditional Bocksbeutel bottle - typical of the Franken wine-making region.

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Please note: Once a vintage has sold out it will be replaced with the next available vintage.