Celebration Case: Option 1  - Mixed Red & White Wine

Celebration Case: Option 1 - Mixed Red & White Wine

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The WineBarn team were going to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a big bang, but in view of the current situation, we have decided to have a quieter celebration instead. We invite you to raise a glass poured from one our ‘Celebration Cases’ with us at home - delivery is included.

For every case sold, we will donate £10.00 to Age UK.

Together we can help support those in our local community and further afield who are the most vulnerable at this time.

At The WineBarn we are offering some of our award-winning wines in two mixed cases of six bottles, allowing you to explore the broad range that Germany has to offer.

Option 1 | Option 2
Option 1: Mixed Red & White
This beautiful red wine has an elegant acidity and smooth tannin structure that contribute to a pleasant mouthfeel. On the nose, it has herbal and fruity notes of green pepper, blackberries and cassis.
A moderately heavy wine with a fruity playfulness. Lively in character, it has a fine acidity, elegance and juiciness. It has an aroma of apples, ripe peaches and fresh chervil. It is robust, yet not too intense, and can be enjoyed with every new sip.
An elegant dry Riesling with a crisp minerality, it has aromas of lemon, stone fruit and fresh grass.
This ruby red wine has Intense aromas of cassis, cherry, and blackberry as well as hints of pepper and caramel. On palate it is dense and powerful, yet elegant.
Complex and dry with a hint of sweetness. This award-winning dry Riesling shows solid aromas of peach and apricot. It has great depth and a long lasting finish.
This Pinot Noir has a beautiful minerality with flavours of red plum and aromas of forest berries accompanied by floral notes. It has good substance,  as well as elegant and smooth tannins.
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Please note: Once a vintage has sold out it will be replaced with the next available vintage.