Allendorf 2014 Winkeler Hasensprung Red Riesling Dry wine

Allendorf 2014 Winkeler Hasensprung Red Riesling Dry

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This is the first vineyard of Red Riesling in over 60 years. They bought 100 vines from Geisenheim, but grafting them was very difficult and they lost 90% of the first lot. They persevered, however. The wine is so unusual. Smells of parma-violet dust and incense. Very unlike Riesling! Ginger and tea leaves and honey with rapier-like acidity. Wild and earthy with sweet mandarin citrus at the core.
Written by Tamlyn Currin –


A fragrant aroma of apples, ripe peaches and freshly picked chervil flows out of the glass. Alive and the spirit of a summer breeze, the wine shows in the glass. The wine is strong, but not too heavy with a long aftertaste.

Food Recommendations:
This Red Riesling perfectly compliments appetisers, fish and pasta dishes.

Ageing Potential: Around 5 years.

Alcohol:       12,0% vol.
Res. sugar:  8,1 g/l
Acidity:        7,3 g/l