Allendorf 2018 Red Riesling QbA dry wine

Allendorf 2018 Red Riesling QbA dry

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Wine: Surprisingly different, Allendorf's 2018 Red Riesling QbA dry has a subtle aroma of herbs and distinct fruitiness. The taste of this wine shows a powerful structure with an elegant acidity and fine phenolic textures. It is intense with a long finish.
The winemaker has used various methods to extract the special aromas of the Red Riesling from its thick, red skin. After eight hours of the skins being pressed, 10% of the grapes were added to the must to be fermented in stainless steel tanks.

Vineyard: In 2000, together with the Giesenheim Grape Breeding Institute, Allendorf re-introduced the original form of Riesling back into the Rheingau region. For the first time enough vines could be grafted to plant the world's first new Roter Riesling (Red Riesling) vineyard. Since the first harvest in 2008, the Roter Riesling has held a firm place in Allendorf's collection. The name derives from the red skin of the grapes, which is particularly appealing to birds and has helped to spread the original form of the vine.
Allendorf believe that the pigmented, thicker skin make the grape variety better adapted to the warming climate.

Food recommendation: This Red Riesling pairs perfectly with beetroot carpaccio and Mediterranean cuisine, such as Involtini with herbs.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Res.sugar: 6.3 g/l
Acidity: 7,6 g/l