Allendorf 2019 Charta Riesling QbA dry white wine

Allendorf 2019 Charta Riesling QbA off-dry

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The association of Charta wine estate literally founded the think tank of the today's VDP.GROSSE GEWÄCHS in the 1980s. This wine produced from grapes originating from the "Grosse Lagen", is a dry tasting perfect accompaniment to food at the Allendorf wine estate.

Tasting notes: A real native of the Rheingau juicy, expressive and full of minerality.

Food recommendation: This wine is a real all-rounded. Due to his crips acidity, full-bodied character and not bone-dry style you can pair it with almost every dish.

Serving temperature: 8-12 Celsius

Alcohol: 12,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 10,6 g/l
Acidity: 7,7 g/l