Allendorf 2020 Winkler Riesling Dry White Wine

Allendorf 2020 Winkler Riesling dry

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Wine: Grippy body with fine, yeasty structure and a full-bodied harmonious acidity. Fine creamy texture, lingering finish, intense aromatic profile. A wine with maturing potential.

Idea: The VDP.Ortswein serve as a link between the uncomplicated estate wines and the powerful site wines. All grapes come from one local area and reflect the predominant soil types in their character. The maturing if the wine in "Dopplestück" wooden barrels (2,400l) fits to the powerful Winkeler soils. Spontaneous fermentation and eleven months in the wooden barrel and on the yeast lees make this wine become a Riesling bursting with character.

Vineyard: The VDP.Ortswein delivers from the Winkel sites of Hasensprung and Gutenberg. The vines that grow on strong loam and loess soils are 25-40 years old.

Food recommendation: With snack, pasta with seafood, salad with fried fillet strips.

Drinking temperature: 8 -10 Celsius

Alcohol: 12,0% vol.
Res.sugar: 7,1 g/l
Acidity: 7,0 g/l