Becker 2018 Pinot Noir Eiswein Ice Wine

Becker 2018 Pinot Noir Eiswein (0,375l)

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Becker's 2018 Pinot Noir Eiswein is an exceptional vintage. Gentle golden in colour with a hint of rose, it lures you into the glass and gets your juices flowing. 

On the palette, everything comes together with a mild acidity that leads to a round and perfect finish. On the nose, it delivers aromas of yellow stone fruit paired with white blossoms and white chocolate, with a creamy finish.

Grapes were grown in Becker's chalky vineyard grounds in the Southern part of the Palatine Wine Route, in the Pfalz region. Becker was able to harvest completely healthy grapes that were without Botrytis. The grapes were selected by hand, de-stalked and juiced. The fermentation process, which took place in stainless steel tanks, was slow and controlled.

This ice wine would make a very elegant and pleasing dessert wine, and has fantastic ageing potential.

Food Recommendation: A delicious accompaniment to light or medium to strong hard cheeses and fruity desserts.

Alc: 7.0%
Acidity: 9.4 g/l
Res Sugar: 176 g/l