Bischel 2017 Binger Riesling "Quarzit" dry

Bischel 2017 Binger Riesling "Quarzit" dry

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Bischel's 2017 Binger Riesling "Quarzit" has aromas of firestone, wild herbs and citrus fruit. Fresh fruit aroma paired with salty hints clearly slow the character of the Quarzit. On the palate it is very dense and tight. A high concentrated and polished acidity give this dry Riesling its class and length.

Vineyard: The grapes are from one of Bischel's top sites - Binger Scharlachberg. The soil there is rich in quartiz and slate. Water penetration of this sparse soil reduces the growth of the grapes which increases the ripening of he extremely small Riesling berries.

Vinification: Late harvest takes place in ripening stages. Grapes are selected carefully by hand. Optimal extraction of aromas is being achieved by pressing the grapes straight after picking and letting them rest for a few hours at the winery. After gentle pressing, the juice ferments with wild yeasts party in wooden casks and stainless steel vats. After six months on the yeast, the wine was bottled.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 3,5 g/l
Acidity: 7,8 g/l