Germany's Finest Riesling Wine Case

Germany's Finest Rieslings (Half Case)

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While many of the larger wine companies have ceased deliveries and supermarket wine is in short supply, we are still supplying the nation. The WineBarn deliver, so you can indulge your senses and enjoy some of the most mouth-watering Rieslings in the world, in the comfort of your own home with this exceptional half case (six bottles).

The case includes;
Bischel - 2017 Estate Riesling QbA dry
x 2 bottles
K. F. Groebe - 2017 Riesling *1763*
x 2 bottles
Allendorf - 2017 Winkeler Riesling QbA dry
x 2 bottles

2017 Estate Riesling QbA dry
A precise exchange of acidity and fruit results in a refreshing, light Riesling with finesse. On the nose there are aromas of peach and lime. On the palate there is a very delicate with juicy minerality.
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K. F. Groebe
2017 Riesling *1763*
This classic Riesling is a refreshing and elegant wine with intense fruit flavours. It offers endless drinking pleasure. Its name recalls the year the winery was founded.
The vineyard from which this Riesling derives is a classified VDP site - a trademark of exceptional origin and the most prestigious quality of wine.
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2015 Winkler Riesling QbA dry
A moderately heavy wine with a fruity playfulness. Lively in character, it has a fine acidity, elegance and juiciness. It has an aroma of apples, ripe peaches and fresh chervil. It is robust, yet not too intense, and can be enjoyed with every new sip.