Göttelmann 2016 Münsterer Riesling Black Slate QbA dry

Göttelmann 2016 Münsterer Riesling Black Slate / Vom Schwarzen Schiefer QbA dry

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The grapes were grown on south-easterly vineyards just a few kilometres from the mouth of the Nahe river just at the foot of the wild, romantic Middle Rhine Highlands.
Absolutely typical of the black slate soil, it gives the vines the best physical conditions; it collects sun’s rays during the day and gives back the recovered heat at night.
The age of the vineyard ranges from 12-30 years, the picking of the grapes took place in the second week of October. Fermentation and maturing took place in temperature controlled steel tanks. Number of bottles 5000.
The wine in the glass shows a light yellowish colour, little sparkling bubbles indicate a lively freshness. The fragrance can be described as gooseberries and kiwifruit.
The solid acidity makes it perfect to go along with fish, veal, and poultry.

Alcohol:                12,6% vol
Acidity:                 7,8 g/l
Res. sugar:           9,0 g/l