K. F. Groebe 2019 Estate Riesling dry white wine

K. F. Groebe 2019 Estate Riesling dry

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The estate wines bear only the name of the grape variety on the label, they are fine, lively and crisp, composed of our vineyards in Westhofen. Wines of everyday enjoyment and for any occasion.

The grapes for this dry Riesling mostly originated from Groebe's vineyard in Audlerde, in the Westhofen wine making region of Germany. This vineyard has loam, clayey soil, as well as gritty sand. This gives the vines a rich supply of minerals and the wine its fine fruit aromas & mineralic taste.

A very small portion of the grapes came from Groebe's vineyards in Kirchspiel, Westhofen. The site is also has clayey soil, strong limestone skeletal deposits, a small proportion of limestone weathering clay and limestone rocks in deep underground.

The grapes were harvested at the beginning of October, and were fermented & matured in wooden casks using traditional methods. The young wine is then stored until bottling on the fine yeast, which preserves the freshness and liveliness.

Terry Kirby, Wine Writer for The Independent, said;
"A brilliant introduction to German Dry Riesling for newcomers or those who might have felt their styles too off-dry or fruit. It is thrillingly dry and crisp, which sings and dances on the palate."

Alcohol: 12,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 7,0 g/l
Acidity: 8,1 g/l