Schloss Rheinhartshausen 2019 Estate Riesling dry white wine

Schloss Rheinhartshausen 2019 Estate Riesling dry

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Origin determines: "The more site-specific the origin of a wine, the higher its quality" has for centuries been the guiding principle of Schloss Reinhartshausen. So we begin where many others have already stops. It is as simple as it sounds, but not less labour intensive. Out vineyards are maintained and self-managed with a great deal of lifeblood, expertise and, not least, plenty of work carried out of hand. Healthy, ripe grapes create the best wine which is the best ambassador of its origin. After careful, selected hand picking and gentle pressing, the quality from the vineyard is preserved and developed further in the cellar. "The very best quality through controlled idleness".

The Portfolio from which the Schloss wines originate includes almost all the best sites from Erbach and Hattenheim. The grapes for the Schloss wines are the fundamental pillar, so to speak, of the Rheinhartshausen wine range. All ripened on officially classified sites, they start with the goodness of their origin where others stop.
A refreshing, hearty Riesling with a long finish, it has a rich bouquet with gentle hints of green apples and apricots. On the palate it shows refinement and strength.
Best served with light appetisers. Ideal to be served as wine by the glass and a superb allrounder.

Alcohol: 11,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 7,9 g/l
Acidity: 7,8 g/l