Schloss Rheinhartshausen 2020 Rheinhartshausen Riesling off-dry white wine

Schloss Rheinhartshausen 2020 Rheinhartshausen Riesling off-dry

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The Wineproducer Administration Pricne of Prussia presses grapes for about 16 ha vineyards of the Middle Rheingau. Among them are very well-knows individual locations such as the Erbacher Steinmorgen, The Erbacher Michelmark and the Kiedricher Sandgrub. The wines are characterized by a variety of aromas and structure, they are expressive, rich in finesse and reflect in excellent manner, grapes variety and regional character of the Rheingau.

Schloss Rheinhartshausen's wines originate from their classified sites of Erbach and Hattemheim. The grapes that are grown and ripened in these vineyards are fundamental to this premium quality Riesling and the rich terroir can be experienced in every sip.

This wine tasted fruity, fresh and mineral. The sweetness and acidity of this fine Riesling is perfectly balanced and underlines the rich fruit aromas of mina belle and ripe apples. This wine is an ideal companion of Asian food.

Alcohol: 10,5% vol.
Res.sugar: 31,0 g/l 
Acidity: 6,2 g/l