Wirsching 2014 St. Veit Cuvee Dry German Wine

Wirsching 2014 St. Veit Cuvee Dry

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Mostly Silvaner with a bit of Scheurebe and Riesling. Quite pungent and Sauvignon Blanc-like. Very youthful, pineapple and mango juice with a bit of lime. Simple and clean. (Written by Tamlyn Currin – JancisRobinson.com)

Description:St. Veit is a wine for different occasions: A companion for light meals, a cool refreshment on the terrace and a wine for various festivities. Its taste is well-balanced, not too dry, but not too sweet either, without a pronounced acidity, but still providing a pleasant freshness. Offered in the Bordeaux bottle, it appears juvenilely graceful and spreads a touch of the international.

On nose: Fresh, fruity flavour of citrus and apple. Slight notes of cassis and lemon.
On palate: Dry, fruity with pleasant freshness and vividness.

Alcohol:        12,5% vol.
Res. sugar:   5,4 g/l
Acidity:         6,3 g/l