Wirsching 2016 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Grand Cru Dry German Wine

Wirsching 2016 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Grand Cru Dry

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Wirsching’s 2016 Iphöfer Julius Echter Berg Silvaner Grand Cru dry won the Gold Decanter World Wine Award 2019. It was awarded an impressive 95 points. Judges described the wine as, "Overt papaya, honeyed and ginger spice notes with a great expression of the variety, excellent minerality with light greengage and jasmine petals on the finish." 

This incredible Silvaner has an intense bouquet and a full body. It presents an astonishing range of flavours, with hints of yellow fruit and a spicy aroma. It's clear and distinctive mineral tone is very typical for this Silvaner. In comparison to its preceding vintage of 2015, this Silvaner features a cool elegance and finesse. 

Indeed, as a young wine, this Grand Cru is already one of pure indulgence. However, its best times are yet to come. In about 10 years it will have reached its peak. A mature wine devotee will open it in 20 years, giving it time for its flavours and aromas to develop to perfection. 

On the palate this Silvaner has an intense, powerful and long-lasting full flavoured herbal character, that evolves slowly on the palate. It also has balsamic richness and is a bit creamy. On the nose it is characterised by mineral notes coming from the soil, as well as an aroma of wild herb, nectarine and apricot. 

Wirsching’s "Julius-Echter-Berg” estate is a first-class Franconia site, but to create such a premium wine, a great deal of work was necessary in both the vineyard and the wine cellar.  In the early stages of ripeness, for example, each vine was divided to ensure perfect conditions for the future vegetation process and to reduce the number of grapes on the vines. This concentrated the vine’s growth and efficiency on the few grapes that are left. 

Wirsching's flavourful Silvaner is available in traditional Bocksbeutel bottles - typical of the Franken wine-making region.

Alcohol: 13,5% vol. 
Res. sugar: 2,5 g/l 
Acidity: 6,2 g/l