K. F. Groebe 2020 Riesling *1763* dry

K. F. Groebe 2020 Riesling *1763* dry

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"Delicious nose - smells like home-made honey-and-nut granola of fresh apples. So charming, so pretty, so fresh. Loving that cheeky little nuttiness. Pert, like a little sparrow singing its heart out." Tamlyn Currin @ Janis Robinson / 16.5 points

Wine: The wine belongs to the group of their estate wines and thus the base segment of their quality. It takes a special position and marks the best quality amount their estate wines.
Grapes come from 20 years old Rielsing vineyard in the middle of the Aulerde site. The harvest is at the end of September / beginning of October, so that they get mature Riesling berries with intense fruit flavours that have not yet reaches the Spätlese level.
The Riesling *1763* is a refreshing, classic and elegant wine, offers a lot of drinking pleasure and welcome companion of various dishes. It's name recalls the year of foundation of their winery by Johann Michael Groebe.

Vinetard: From the glacial valley of the Rhein rises to the southeast an inclined Westhofner vineyard to to the edge of a high plateau. Sheltered by eastern and southern slopes of the parish is the Aulerde halfway up the slope. The vineyards are slightly tilted to the south here. The special topographic situation on the edge of a relief termination provide optimum drainage facilities for cold air. Classified as VDP. Gorsse Lage

Soil: The actual Aulerde is one marked by loess loam and clayey layer with even gravelly sands underground. The skeleton percentage is very low. Through a small part of real sandy soil here is well grained and usually easy to cultivate.

Alcohol: 11,5% vol.
Res.sugar: 8,9 g/l
Acidity: 10,5 g/l