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The WineBarn Awards

With The WineBarn, one can have total confidence in the soundness of advice, the quality of the wines, and the certain knowledge that each bottle opened would lead one into the pleasurable world of savouring German Wine at its best.
Tim Barthorpe, private client
“There has never been a better time to enjoy the incredible quality of the top German wines.  Between the beautiful traditional styles of the classic wine growers to the vibrant wines of the very ‘avant-garde’ producers there is so much to enjoy.  The great Rieslings of course but also the superb Pinot Noirs and much more.  Delighted that The WineBarn, a top German wine merchant, is presenting such  interesting wines.”
Gerard Basset
Former World Champion Sommelier, Master of Wine,
Master Sommelier and MBA Wine honours.

I managed to taste all the wines shown at last night’s WineBarn Tasting in London and it was thrilling to taste the wines of two excellent growers in particular, one of whom was completely new to me; Göttelmann of the Nahe and Friedrich Becker of Schweigen is famous in Germany for the quality of his red wines, but they are difficult to find outside Germany. This is why we need enthusiastic specialist importers such as Iris Ellmann of The WineBarn.
Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW
“I did greatly enjoy everything I did taste. I tasted through the whole Wirsching range, which I found very impressive in terms of quality and value, and was particularly struck by the 2016 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben.”
Neil Beckett, World of Wine
All of the wines were excellent. The best food pairing was Chardonnay with the pork, having said that there wasn’t a poor wine or food matching at all. The choice of wines were excellent. Without your guidance I’m sure it would have been a case of “hit or miss”. Thank you for your assistance again and I really must complement the quality and value of your wines.”
William Findlay, private client
As you know, I was at the heart of the Wine Society for a decade or so, and it remains at mine, so I anticipate that I’ll continue that relationship into my old age! Meanwhile, I’m full of admiration for what has been achieved at The WineBarn. My compliments!
Stephen Bourne, Chapter Clerk & Administrator, Ely Cathedral