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Introducing VDP Winemaker Knebel

Knebel Wines
The WineBarn are pleased to add Weingut Knebel to our portfolio. Specialists in Riesling, the winery is based in the Mosel region of Germany.
There, the Knebel winery cultivates almost eight hectares of vineyards on the steepest slopes of Terrassenmoselle - the name given to the lower reaches of the Moselle river.
Knebel Riesling
Knebel’s philosophy is based on respect - respect for the land and respect for the winery’s heritage, which dates back to 1642. The winery’s adherence to traditional, natural wine principles means their patience allows for nature's processes to develop in their own time. Applying this approach to their cellar techniques means they renounce cultured yeasts, fining agents, de-acidification, and the use of must for sweetening. They also take their time for pre-fermentation maceration, encourage slow fermentation and long ageing on the fine lees.
Knebel Vines
Their characterful wines are ambassadors of Knebel’s culture - uniting the traditional Riesling grape variety with the steep vineyards slate rich soil and natural viticulture processes. The result is a diverse range of Rieslings that have depth, elegance and a distinctive personality.
Knebel are a member of the VDP, Germany’s association of elite wine producers and a guarantee of quality. To view the Knebel wine collection, click here.
Knebel Vineyards

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